Maintaining and Repairing an Older Home

The traditional materials, period designs and aged character of older houses are all part of their appeal. This section will help you understand how to maintain, repair and improve your home with this in mind.

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Looking After Your Home

Explore the fundamentals of maintaining and repairing an older home.

Making Repairs

To be effective, repair work needs to resolve any underlying causes.

  • Understanding Decay

    Knowing where to look and what to look for will help you spot potential problems of decay in your home.

  • Using the Right Materials

    When considering what materials to use for repair work it is important to understand how your house was built.

  • Structural Movement

    Most old buildings move to some degree during their life, but this movement may not be a problem.

  • Repairing Walls

    This page introduces the traditional materials and techniques used to build older walls and offers tips for the repairs they may need.

  • Repair or Change Windows

    Historic windows of interest should be retained wherever possible using careful repair.

  • Repair or Renew the Roof

    The roof not only shelters your home from the weather, but is often an important part of its historic significance too.

  • When to Consider Restoration in an Older Home

    Restoration involves returning a building or part of a building to the way it looked at a previous point in its life.