Lighthouse on the horizon with the sun setting behind. Rocks and white water in the foreground.
Grade II listed Godrevy Lighthouse. © M. Coleman View the List entry
Grade II listed Godrevy Lighthouse. © M. Coleman View the List entry

Listed Lighthouses in England

Receding sheets of the last Ice Age shaped the British Isles about 13,000 years ago, this severed our physical link with the continent, and we became an Island. Since then our story has been intrinsically linked to the sea. Marine exploration has determined the course of much of our history.

The salt in the air, the cool breeze from the sea and the crash of a wave are the sights, sounds and feelings that have affected us. England's surrounding oceans have healed, soothed and fed us for generations. The protection of our maritime heritage helps keep the story of our history alive.

The design and use of lighthouses have changed over nearly 2,000 years. Here are over 100 lighthouses that are either listed buildings or scheduled monuments including everything from a Roman pharos and medieval beacons to the now classic red and white striped structures.

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