Chatham Intra High Street Heritage Action Zone

Chatham is experiencing high population growth. With improvements to rail services it is becoming a more popular commuter destination. Now is the time to make the most of the town's heritage and its untapped potential.

The Chatham Intra High Street Heritage Action Zone has a rich and important place in Medway's history with its development closely linked to the growth of the Royal Dockyard at Chatham from the 17th century onwards. The High Street has a wealth of very fine historic buildings, including the early 18th century Master Brewers House and a Synagogue, a distinguished but often underappreciated Victorian building.

Historically the area between the High Street and the river was occupied by industrial uses including the Hulkes Lane brewery. The narrow lanes and industrial buildings contribute to the area's unique character. But Chatham has a high degree of retail competition from out of town provision which is having a knock on effect on the high street and vacancy rates – there are a number of empty properties.

How the Chatham Intra High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

The High Street Heritage Action Zone hopes to help the area become a cultural and creative hub with a rich mix of artists, creatives and makers occupying under-used historic buildings that are currently in need of refurbishment and conversion.

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