Grantham High Street Heritage Action Zone

The proposed repair and renovation of historical buildings will do much to improve the area. The proposed reviews of traffic management will assist with the enhancement of the Market Place area, making it more appealing to both local residents and visitors.

The town, which is known for its gingerbread biscuits first made in 1740 by William Eggleston, is also the birthplace of the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

One of the most prominent buildings on the high street is the Angel and Royal hotel, widely regarded as the oldest surviving English inn. The façade of the main building as it appears today was built about 600 years ago, but the site had already been an inn for 200 years. It was originally built as a hostel for the Knights Templar.

How the Grantham High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

The funding will re-establish the special character and vitality of the town centre. The scheme will work with owners to restore their premises to their former glory by reinstating lost historic shop fronts, making necessary repairs and encouraging the re-use of the upper floors that have often lain vacant or under-used.

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