Hastings High Street Heritage Action Zone

Hastings is going through a period of change. The challenge is to cater for those who have always lived here as well as those who have moved from other parts of the UK, tempted by life in the town – and to hold onto the area's unique character.

The Trinity Triangle area of Hastings is home to Victorian and Edwardian buildings and has a rather 'quirky' character too arising from the growing number of creative people who live and work in the area.

The area faces the twin problems of dereliction and gentrification. Some historic buildings are run down, derelict and empty. In the 1980s the Hastings Observer left the town and 500 jobs were lost. Footfall has never really recovered. Problems include a shortage of housing, crime and anti-social behaviour.

How the Hastings High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

The High Street Heritage Action Zone will see a drive to bring empty and run down historic buildings back to life to provide housing, workspaces, a gallery and shops that are affordable for residents and business owners. This is truly a community-led scheme that will also provide local people with the opportunities to learn new skills and find out more about the history of the area.

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