Ormskirk High Street Heritage Action Zone

Access to the town centre will be improved for all and through physical improvements, as well as public art, Ormskirk's unique historic layout will be enhanced to boost its distinctive character.

Ormskirk is a historic market town in the heart of West Lancashire. The core of the town focusses around the street market, which has been a part of its history since 1286 and is physically marked by an impressive clock tower.

Ormskirk has also been renowned for its gingerbread for several centuries, which was made in the town by local women from as early as 1732. The town's intriguing historic street pattern is still readable through its abundant and rambling alleyways and passages, which run off the main streets.

Edge Hill University is an important element of the town's vitality, but Ormskirk also remains a primary shopping destination for the wider area including its fabulous market. There is potential for the town's striking network of historic alleyways to be better used and for the town centre to be better connected together, with the historic market at its heart.

How the Ormskirk High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

With £755,000 of government funding, delivered through Historic England, the High Street Heritage Action Zone will focus on enhancing two gateway areas into the town centre, including the Wheatsheaf Walk area. Its historic alleyways will also be improved, through physical improvements, public arts and a series of events to boost their distinctive feel and character.

The programme will aim to emphasise the diverse elements of Ormskirk's history, including its famed gingerbread, to bring its interesting story to life and attract visitors to learn more. It will also improve access to the town surrounding Ormskirk bus station, so people of all physical abilities can take part in and enjoy its historic centre, which aims to contribute to higher footfall and boost the local economy.

Stay up to date

Below you can find just some of the progress being made in the Ormskirk High Street Heritage Action Zone. For more, follow us on Twitter @HistoricEngland

  • Work to Wheatsheaf Walk has completed, with a fabulous mural being uncovered
  • Improvement works to Ormskirk Bus Station are due to start soon as part of the Ormskirk Eastern Gateway project, improving accessibility
  • Fantastic public artwork has gone up in a phone box on Moor Street designed by local artists

Working in partnership with

  • West Lancashire Borough Council

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