Oswestry High Street Heritage Action Zone

Restoration of the built environment and vacant upper floor areas of buildings in the centre to provide housing, while also growing and improving the town's tourism industry in order to keep retailing and activity on the high street buoyant. 

Oswestry can be viewed as a frontier town built under the dominance of its medieval castle, close to the Welsh border, and important through the centuries as a strategic border market town. Its origins are evident to any visitor as they pass the huge earthworks of Old Oswestry hillfort on the way into town.

Defended by Welsh and English forces, Oswestry changed hands through the Middle Ages and both Welsh and English place names coexist.

How the Oswestry High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

Improve the ambiance of the area and by inserting residential units above shops, providing housing in the town centre. 

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  • Shropshire Council

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