Tottenham High Street Heritage Action Zone

The scheme will help to restore a high street rich in history and capitalise on the wider regeneration schemes taking place in the area to benefit the local community.

Tottenham High Road tells the story of London's growth, from fields and manor houses to speculative Georgian development for a burgeoning merchant class, to its development as a dense Victorian suburb and economic decline in the later 20th century. The Heritage Action Zone focuses on the stretch of the High Road between Bruce Grove and Tottenham Green which sits within a deprived area and is home to high levels of unemployment.

The High Road is home to a range of historic buildings, both commercial and residential, dating from the late Georgian to the Edwardian periods as well as a vibrant busy street scene and market. The area is undergoing rapid change with Tottenham's new football stadium and widespread regeneration, planned housing renewal and high densification and growth.

How the Tottenham High Street Heritage Action Zone will help

The High Road is at the heart of business and community life in Tottenham but sadly there are a number of vacant properties whilst others have become run-down. There will be a drive to improve shop fronts and to make the public open spaces more welcoming and attractive.

Local communities will be involved in the scheme to help create a sense of place, taking on board the area's rich local heritage. In light of the new Tottenham Hotspur Football Club stadium nearby there is potential to encourage investment and to attract visitors, making the high street even more vibrant, benefitting the community and local economy.

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