Enhanced Advisory Services

We can help to de-risk your site and provide the certainty you need early in the design development process.

Many of our planning and listing services are free and available to everyone. But you can choose to pay for our Enhanced Advisory Services, which are designed to remove risk from your site by providing you with certainty early on in your project, reducing the potential for delays in the planning process.

  • Extended Pre-Application Advice

    To give your plans the best chance of success, we will work with you at the pre-application stage to give you constructive advice. Engaging as early in the design development stage as possible reduces risks for you and your team.

  • Listing Services

    Does your site include historic buildings or structures? We can help by providing clarity on the extent, status and significance of your heritage assets.

  • Major Projects Service

    A package of our Enhanced Advisory Services tailored to your needs under a single Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Prices for the Enhanced Advisory Services

    As a public body, we aim to cover the costs of these services. For each service, we will assess your case and provide a cost estimate.

Case studies

"Constructive engagement with Historic England is important… they are super helpful in discussing issues." – Tom Bloxham, Urban Splash

  • Former Moor Hospital, Lancaster, Lancashire

    "Working in co-operation with Historic England from the outset, on any heritage asset, always leads to the most successful outcomes and can greatly aid and speed the planning process."

  • Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Devon

    "Approaching such structures comes with inevitable challenges, and that’s why we are big fans of collaboration, working with organisations like Historic England."

  • Voysey House, Chiswick, London

    "Voysey House has been a collaborative journey with Historic England and the wider client design team to help restore this important local landmark to reflect CFA Voysey’s original intent."

  • Buxton Crescent, Buxton, Derbyshire

    "As developer of the Buxton Crescent Hotel and Thermal Spa Project (with joint venture partner), Trevor Osborne Limited enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Historic England."

  • Park Hill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

    "Park Hill’s transformation is the culmination of ours and our partners’ shared passion for bringing historic structures back into use – and we are grateful to Historic England for their support in Park Hill’s journey..."