View of a cafe interior and across the dock to other buildings.
Stanley Dock, Liverpool. © Historic England Archive. APB6812.
Stanley Dock, Liverpool. © Historic England Archive. APB6812.

Listing Enhancement

If you are interested in finding out more about the special interest of your building, then a Listing Enhancement can help.

What Listing Enhancement offers you

Unlike the old list entries, which can be very brief, a new entry will give much more detail and set out clearly why a building has been listed and where its significance lies. Whilst in list entries the listing extends to the whole property, internally and externally, including extensions and other structures, enhanced list entries can indicate where in particular the special interest lies.

Enhanced listing would bring significant benefit - allowing for clearer advice and ultimately simpler decision making
David Warburton, EAS customer and Project Manager

We offer a guaranteed timeframe, usually within 12 weeks, in which we will make our recommendation to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This means any changes you plan on making to the property can be timetabled with more confidence.

You may be required to apply to your local authority for listed building consent before any work can begin. The certainty and clarity an enhanced list entry provides can help you from the earliest of stages, informing decisions about what changes may be possible and giving local authorities the detail they need to make quicker decisions.

A full description of our Listing Enhancement service can be seen in the EAS Service Descriptions.

How to apply

Listing Enhancement is available by completing an online application form.

Please be aware that if you are applying under this service it doesn’t guarantee that we will take forward your application, but we will be in touch to discuss.

Full details are available on our how to apply for listing page.

How you will be invoiced

Following an application for our paid-for service, we will carry out an initial assessment and be in touch to provide a copy of our full terms and conditions. This will include a price estimate for your case. For further details see our ‘Prices for the Enhanced Advisory Services’ page.

Before we will begin work on your case we will raise an initial invoice of £450 excluding VAT. This will form part of the cost estimate provided to you and will be deducted from the final bill. The £450 is a fixed fee to recover the cost of delivering these services. Please note all of our price estimates are provided exclusive of VAT. The amount will be £540 inclusive of VAT.

Once we have completed your case and sent our advice and recommendation over to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, we will then raise the final invoice to recover the final amount.

Our free service

Anyone can make a free application for amendment, addition or removal from the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).

Find out more about our free service

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