Links Policy

Our external links policy explains how to put links on your site that point to Historic England's website, as well as how we choose links to external organisations for our own web pages.

Linking to the Historic England website

We are happy for people to link to our website without asking for permission first. However, we request that you use a text link to do this.

For copyright and policy reasons, we do not permit the use of our logo, text or images on external websites without our permission. Please respect copyright law and do not display text or images from our site as though they were your own.

We do not charge for linking to our site, nor do we accept advertising. However, we do have commercial partnerships with a select range of organisations.

How we choose external links

All the links on our site must be editorially relevant to Historic England and our work. They are there to provide extra information, explain things in more depth, or provide practical advice and guidance.

We prefer to link to external websites that have a quality assurance procedure, are regularly reviewed and kept up to date, look professional, are well maintained, and are easy to navigate.

Historic England does not link to sites that are party-political, or contain content which is unlawful, defamatory, obscene or offensive.

The Historic England website does not usually link to sites that are not free to access. However, we are not responsible for the content of other websites linking to or from our own.

A link between an existing website and that of Historic England does not indicate that Historic England endorses the external website or its work.

If you follow links to other websites, it is your responsibility to guard against viruses or other destructive elements. Remember that some external websites track your viewing habits when you visit them by using cookies or other methods and may not conform to Historic England's accessibility standards.

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