Stockwell Bus Garage 1951 to 1954
Stockwell Bus Garage © Historic England.
Stockwell Bus Garage © Historic England.

Space, Hope and Brutalism

Extensive overview of English Architecture 1945-1975 published.

The first major book to explore English architecture between 1945 and 1975 in its entirety is published today. Written by Historic England's Elain Harwood and illustrated by Head of Imaging, James O. Davies, this book reveals the logic, aspirations and beauty of hundreds of England’s post-war buildings.

This book comes at a time when many post-war buildings are disappearing. By placing each building in the context of why it was needed and the ideas of the times, post-war architecture can be better understood and it is hoped, more appreciated.

Space, Hope and Brutalism examines buildings of all budgets and styles, from major universities to the modern café. With chapters focused on different building types Elain Harwood uncovers new material at the boundaries between architectural and social history, and in turn reveals why post-war buildings look the way they do.

It is published by Yale University Press.

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