From the air the interior of the old roofless cathedral can be seen to the left of the new cathedral building built in the 1950s.
Aerial view of Coventry Cathedral © Historic England NMR 18174-04
Aerial view of Coventry Cathedral © Historic England NMR 18174-04

The Reconstruction of Heritage Assets

In certain circumstances there may be a need or desire to reconstruct heritage assets either wholly or in part. These web pages set out the issues to consider when deciding whether to reconstruct and if so how best to do so.

Understanding the heritage values of the asset and the potential positive and negative impacts arising from reconstruction lies at the heart of the advice we offer here. This understanding provides the basis for the balanced judgements needed in these cases.

Reconstruction requires careful planning and delivery. The aim is to ensure that heritage values are sustained and where possible enhanced. Ensuring that the public benefits of the project are delivered is also paramount.

It’s also important to explain and record the reasons for reconstruction and the decision-making process. If this is not done, there is risk of recreating the assets in a way which undermines our ability to understand and appreciate our past.