Black and white aerial photo of the Houses of Parliament and River Thames in London.
Houses of Parliament, London, England. Flown 2 July 1946. © Historic England Aerofilms Collection EAW001431
Houses of Parliament, London, England. Flown 2 July 1946. © Historic England Aerofilms Collection EAW001431

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Historic aerial photography shows the growth and changes to England's urban and rural landscapes. Aerial photos can reveal hidden archaeology and sites that are difficult or even impossible to see from the ground.

You can explore over 400,000 digitised photos taken from our aerial photo collections of over 6 million photographs preserved in the Historic England Archive.

Use our nationally important collections of aerial photographs to explore your area. Find the place where you live or why not look for your favourite football ground, railway station or the places you visit?

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We will be continually updating this map with aerial images from the collections of the Historic England Archive.

Recently added: United States Army Air Forces Collection

20,000 photographs captured by reconnaissance aircraft over England during the Second World War. The photos show airfields, military bases, towns, and countryside in England between 1943 and 1944.

Learn more about the collection or explore the photos in the map below.

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