Image showing general view of Nine Barrows, Priddy, Wells, Somerset.
General view of Nine Barrows near Priddy, Wells, Somerset. © James O. Davies DP158747.
General view of Nine Barrows near Priddy, Wells, Somerset. © James O. Davies DP158747.

Back Issues of Historic England Research

Here you can catch up with back issues of 'Historic England Research' magazine, and its predecessor 'Research News' from the very first issue in summer 2005. Access the vast range of discoveries and methodologies that have been made in the quest for knowledge and research into the historic environment.

These include work in the fields of archaeology, archaeological science, building history, imaging and visualisation, landscape history, and remote sensing.

Previous issue

Here you can download the previous issue of 'Historic England Research' magazine.

Back issues

Below you can get back issues of 'Historic England Research' magazine in PDF format. You can also download back issues of its predecessor, formerly entitled 'Research News'.

Research News 21 (22 August 2014)

Research News 20 (17 February 2014)

Research News 19 (17 June 2013)

Research News 17-18 (31 March 2012)

Research News 16 (19 August 2011)

Research News 15 (15 December 2010)

Research News 14 (28 June 2010)

Research News 13 (29 January 2010)

Research News 12 (4 August 2009)

Research News 11 (24 April 2009)

Research News 10 (18 December 2008)

Research News 9 (26 August 2008)

Research News 8 (19 February 2008)

Research News 7 (6 December 2007)

Research News 6 (5 June 2007)

Research News 5 (17 January 2007)

Research News 4 (5 October 2006)

Research News 3 (26 May 2006)

Research News 2 (23 January 2006)

Research News 1 (27 September 2005)

'Taster' articles

As a taster for the range of articles that you can find in the back catalogue of Historic England Research, here are some popular articles from our back issues as web pages:

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